2022-2023 Term: Audit Committee

Charter Section C-11.1 There shall be an Audit Committee consisting of seven (7) members: The Chairman of the Legislature or his/her designee will serve on and chair the committee and will appoint two (2) additional members, at least one of whom must be a County Legislator; the minority leader will appoint two (2) members, at least one of whom must be a County Legislator; the County Executive or designee; the Comptroller or designee. The County Executive and the Comptroller shall be non-voting members.  It shall take the affirmative action of three out of the five voting members to act.

The Audit Committee shall: (1) select the independent auditor to perform the annual audit of the books and records of the County; (2) select the independent auditor in a fashion consistent with the County’s existing procurement policy and the Audit Committee shall consult with the Director of Purchasing in this respect; and (3) report the independent auditor’s findings to the Legislature, County Executive and County Comptroller. 

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