Resolution No. 172

LATE - Implementing A Voluntary Separation Program For Eligible Ulster County Employees

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Adopted as Amended



Referred to: The Laws and Rules, Governmental Services Committee (Chairwoman Bartels and Legislators Gavaris, Heppner, Roberts, and Ronk), and The Ways and Means Committee (Chairwoman Archer and Legislators Bartels, Gavaris, Haynes, Maio, Ronk, and Walter)


Chairman of the Legislature, David B. Donaldson, offers the following:


WHEREAS, this resolution has been submitted at the request of the County Executive; and


WHEREAS, due to the severe impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent effect on the economy, the County is facing catastrophic revenue losses; and


WHEREAS, the County Executive is committed to the continued provision of essential services to the citizens of Ulster County while also protecting the taxpayers; and


WHEREAS, in order to manage the County’s finances in a responsible manner, the County Executive is proposing to reduce personnel costs through a Retirement Incentive Plan (the “Plan”) offered to all retirement eligible employees; and


WHEREAS, the Plan would allow the County to save money through personnel attrition, either by choosing not to fill the vacated positions, or through filling vacated positions with a new employee that costs less in salary and fringe benefits, which would be realized incrementally throughout 2020 and 2021 depending on the timing of an employee’s departure; and


WHEREAS, the Plan offers an increase in the County share of health insurance to employees who are eligible to retire by December 31, 2020; and


WHEREAS, the Plan for voluntary separation from County employment is a mutually beneficial option for both the County and the affected employee during this time; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED, that in order to be eligible to participate in the Plan, a County Employee must be eligible to retire by December 31, 2020; and be it further


RESOLVED, that an approved participating employee will receive an increase in the County share of health insurance of a not to exceed amount of 25% for union employees and 10% for management employees in exchange for and upon their voluntary separation from county employment; and, it be further


RESOLVED, that since the County Executive desires to ensure that essential services continue to be delivered and the needs of the public continue to be met, each application will be reviewed by the Personnel Director which shall determine the  employee’s initial eligibility, and will confer with the County Executive’s Office who shall determine final approval of an application after considering the operational impact on county departments, the necessity of backfilling the position, and other considerations; and, it be further


RESOLVED, that, in light of the acute nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unstable circumstances of this public health emergency, the County Executive shall have the discretion to offer the Plan to employees in several phases through December 31, 2020; and, it be further


RESOLVED, that the Commissioner of Finance is hereby authorized to make any and all transfers and expenditures necessary to effectuate the Program,


and move its adoption.                                                                 





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Passed Committee: Laws and Rules, Governmental Services on ____________.


Passed Committee: Ways and Means on ____________.





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Updated: August 27, 2020