Resolution No. 184

Amending The 2023 - 2028 Capital Improvement Program - Amending Capital Project 621 – Voting System Replacement —Amending The 2023 Capital Fund Budget – Department Of Elections (Ulster County Board Of Elections)

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Referred to: The Public Works, Capital Projects and Transportation Committee (Chairwoman Petit and Legislators Erner, Fabiano, Litts, and Nolan), The Laws, Rules and Government Services Committee (Chairman Heppner and Legislators Gavaris, Levine, Roberts, and Ronk), and The Ways and Means Committee (Chairman Gavaris and Legislators Cahill, Roberts, Ronk, and Walter)


Chairman of the Laws, Rules and Government Services Committee, Jonathan R. Heppner, and Deputy Chair Kevin A. Roberts offer the following:


WHEREAS, Capital Project No. 621 was established pursuant to Resolution No. 58 dated February 15, 2022 in the amount of $1,400,000.00 for the purchase of replacement voting systems because the current fleet of voting systems are no longer supported with replacement parts or under warranty; and


WHEREAS, the New York State Board of Elections must certify and test any voting systems that will be deployed and vendor submissions for the Hart Intercivic Verity 2.7 Voting System, Dominion D-Suite 5.16 Voting System, ES&S ESV Voting System or Clear Ballot Clear Vote 2.4 are the four competitors in the New York marketplace; and


WHEREAS, the Ulster County Board of Elections has conducted several open house visits for the public to review the new technologies by three of the four New York vendors; and


WHEREAS, the Ulster County Board of Elections estimated the cost of new voting systems based on information obtained prior to the New York State Certification process; and


WHEREAS, the NYS approved voting system vendor pricing quotes received by the Board of Elections are closer to $2,000,000; and


WHEREAS, the estimated cost for the necessary voting system equipment would create an increase to the project of approximately $600,000.00 bringing the total estimated cost of the project to $2,000,000.00; and







WHEREAS, Projected Capital grants from the New York State Board of Elections can be used to offset a portion of the projected $600,000.00 increase, but details of these funds will not be made available until later in the fiscal year creating a delay in purchase of equipment that must be tested and deployed by November 7, 2023; and


WHEREAS, Capital Project No. 621 supports a quality and efficient experience for resident voters of Ulster County; and


WHEREAS, the Commissioners of the Ulster County Board of Elections request that Capital Project No. 621, Voting System Replacement, be amended to reflect a change in the amount of $600,000.00 to include software, hardware and service to supply the Board of Elections with a new fleet of Voting Systems; now, therefore be it


RESOLVED, that the 2023-2028 Ulster County Capital Improvement Program is amended as follows:


                                                      INCREASE                                     AMOUNT


Capital Project No. 621                   Voting Machines                          $600,000.00 


and, be it further


RESOLVED, that Capital Project No. 621 for the purchase of Voting Machines be amended as follows:


                                                   INCREASE                              AMOUNT


Capital Project No. 621                  Voting Machines                          $600,000.00


and, be it further


RESOLVED, that the 2023 Ulster County Capital Fund budget is hereby amended as follows:





                                             INCREASE                                 AMOUNT


HH-1997.0621-2200.2380             Voting Machines                                 $600,000.00

(App. #)                                        


HH-1997.0621-3500.5710            Serial Bonds                                         $600,000.00

(Rev. #),      


and moves its adoption.




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Passed Committee: Public Works, Capital Projects and Transportation on ________________.



Passed Committee: Laws, Rules and Government Services on ________________.


Passed Committee: Ways and Means on ________________.









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Updated: June 21, 2023