Resolution No. 337

Approving The Execution Of A Contract For $80,000.00 Entered Into By The County – Arts Mid-Hudson, Inc. – Legislature

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Referred to: The Economic Development, Planning, Education, Employment, Arts and Agriculture Committee (Chairman Cahill and Legislators Corcoran, Criswell, Hewitt, Litts, Maloney and Sperry), and The Ways and Means Committee (Chairman Gavaris and Legislators Cahill, Fabiano, Ronk, and Walter)


Chair of the Legislature, Tracey A. Bartels, offers the following:


WHEREAS, pursuant to Section C-11(O) of the Ulster County Charter and Section A2-5(15) of the Administrative Code, the Ulster County Legislature shall have the power to approve the execution of certain contracts and amendments in the amount of $50,000.00 or in excess of $50,000.00 entered into by the County; and


WHEREAS, pursuant to County Law Section 224 (13), the Ulster County Legislature may appropriate funds for the purpose of working in partnership to promote the arts and cultural heritage, supporting efforts to promote the County as a destination for cultural tourism; and


WHEREAS, a contract for execution by the County with Arts Mid-Hudson, Inc. has been submitted for approval by the Ulster County Legislature, which is described below:




WHEREAS, pursuant to County Law Section 224 (13), in order to receive such funds, Arts Mid-Hudson, Inc. must submit to the Ulster County Legislature a verified accounting of disbursements to be undertaken, and to the Legislative Financial Analyst and Ulster County Commissioner of Finance, a Memorandum of Receipt signed by the principal officer; and


WHEREAS, Arts Mid-Hudson, Inc. will receive payments totaling the not to exceed amount of $80,000.00, in accordance with the terms specified in the contract, and no later than December 31, 2022, Arts Mid-Hudson, Inc. shall submit a certified accounting of expenditures to the Legislative Financial Analyst and Commissioner of Finance; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED, the Ulster County Legislature has examined the contract, hereby approves the contract, and authorizes the Chair of the Legislature to execute the contract in the form as filed with the Clerk of the Ulster County Legislature, or as modified with the approval of Legislative Counsel and the County Attorney; and, be it further




RESOLVED, that the Comptroller and/or any and all officers of the County of Ulster, their agents and repre­sentatives, shall be allowed full access upon reasonable notice and at reasonable times to the books, papers, records and premises of Arts Mid-Hudson, Inc, during the period that this resolution is in effect for the purpose of ascertaining the manner in which the above sum of money is being used or applied; and, be it further


RESOLVED, that the above organization agrees to comply with all applicable Federal, State and local regulations including, in particular, any forbidding  discrimination by such organization,


and moves its adoption.





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Passed Committee: Economic Development, Planning, Education, Employment, Arts and Agriculture on ________________.


Passed Committee: Ways and Means on ________________.




$80,000.00 – 2022 APPROPRIATIONS







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Updated: July 11, 2022