Resolution No. 160

Dedicating ARPA Funding For The “The Ulster County Land Bank Development Corporation” – Amending The 2022 Ulster County Budget

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Referred to:  The American Rescue Plan Act Special Committee (Chairman Criswell and Legislators Corcoran, Levine, Lopez, and Sperry), and The Ways and Means Committee (Chairman Gavaris and Legislators Cahill, Fabiano, Ronk, and Walter)


Chair of the Legislature, Tracey A. Bartels, offers the following:


WHEREAS, the US government has distributed funds to local governments through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to replace public sector revenue lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, so as to strengthen support for vital public services and help retain jobs, including $34,491,474.00 to Ulster County; and


WHEREAS, the ARPA seeks to address systemic public health and economic challenges and inequities that have contributed to the unequal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; and


WHEREAS, the relative lack of affordable housing in Ulster County has been and is a serious problem, and the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequential fluctuation in the housing market has further adversely impacted the availability of affordable housing in Ulster County; and


WHEREAS, Resolution No. 159 of 2022 would establish a land bank in Ulster County, to effectively decrease the number of tax-delinquent properties, and to reuse such properties to revitalize communities within Ulster County, increase tax rolls for the benefit of all citizens, provide pro-active tools to mitigate costs, spur investment and improve property values in surrounding neighborhoods; and 


WHEREAS, under Resolution No. 159, the Ulster County Land Bank Corporation would be charged with promulgating policies and procedures that encourage diverse affordable housing options for a broad mix of income levels, provide for sufficient commercial opportunities, preserve green space and public safety and facilitate infrastructure development, and to operate in a community centric, collaborative manner, utilizing information gathered from Ulster County residents and subject matter experts; and


WHEREAS, to empower the Ulster County Land Bank Corporation to perform its duties it is necessary and appropriate to amend the 2022 Ulster County Budget to dedicate ARPA funds for the Corporation’s initial capitalization and funding; now, therefore, be it




RESOLVED, that the 2022 Ulster County Operating Budgetis hereby amended as follows:


INCREASE                                       AMOUNT


AA.8989.3700.4300.4505               Professional Services                       $1,000,000.00

(App. #)



INCREASE                                       AMOUNT


AA.8989.3700.3400.4995              Federal Aid, ARPA                          $1,000,000.00

(Rev. #),        


and move its adoption.





AYES:                        NOES:      



Passed Committee: American Rescue Plan Act Special on _______________.


Passed Committee: Ways and Means on _______________.





$1,000,000.00 – FEDERAL REVENUES

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Updated: May 3, 2022