Resolution No. 109

Urging New York State To Increase The Hudson River Estuary Management Line Item In The Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) By $2 Million

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Referred to: The Energy, Environment and Sustainability Committee (Chairwoman Greene and Legislators Hansut, Erner, Maloney, and Stewart)


Legislators Kathy Nolan and Phil Erner, and Legislators Bartels, Criswell, Greene, Petit, Sperry, Stewart, and Walter offer the following:


WHEREAS, increasing the Hudson River Estuary Management line item by $2 million in the Environmental Protection Fund will protect citizens living in the Hudson River Valley, Mohawk River Valley, New York City, and the natural habitats and ecosystems that sustain life and promote our prosperity; and


WHEREAS, our region is confronted with legacy and emerging contamination challenges that threaten the Hudson Valley and our future welfare; and


WHEREAS, record storm surges, biological contamination, damaging floods, and an increasing need for access to the riverfront call for a visionary investment to ensure the health and future of the Hudson River are protected; and


WHEREAS, cultural changes during the COVID-19 pandemic have led to New Yorkers getting outside to enjoy what our state and Ulster County have to offer; and   


WHEREAS, the Hudson River Estuary Program is the premier state program for the Hudson River in terms of restoration and climate resiliency planning, supporting local communities with grants for helping to mitigate the impacts of flooding due to climate change; and


WHEREAS, Ulster County municipalities and organizations received over $300,000 in Estuary Program grants in 2021, nearly 20 percent of the total $1.5 million in grants funded by the Hudson River Estuary Program; and


WHEREAS, the Hudson River Estuary Program will provide funding for local communities to meet the state’s climate resiliency goals and address the growing need for creating more green-spaces and water based recreation; and


WHEREAS, the County of Ulster received $46,554 for the Natural Resources Inventory and Cloud-based Mapping Portal and funding for four tree plantings occurred in 2021 through The Hudson River Estuary Program Tree for Tribs; and





WHEREAS, the towns of Gardiner, Olive, and Woodstock received technical assistance for natural resources inventories and critical environmental areas assessments through the Hudson River Estuary Program; and


WHEREAS, the City of Kingston received $50,000 for their Community Preservation Plan, which is essential in supporting their vision for the Open Space Plan and other critical land preservation goals, and also received an additional $50,000 for the Rondout Creek Kayak Public Access point; and


WHEREAS, the Town of Marlborough received $40,000 for a kayak launch at Milton Landing Park; and  


WHEREAS, the Hudson River Flood Resilience Network received $49,990 for Engaging More Communities, Sharpening Links to Implementation, and Developing a Strategic Roadmap for Sustained Operation; and


WHEREAS, Arm of the Sea Productions Inc. was granted $31,639 for program equipment at Arm-of-the-Sea Tidewater Center; and


WHEREAS, the Hudson River Watershed Alliance received $39,193 for their Rondout and Esopus Creek Land Use Leadership Alliance Training Program; and


WHEREAS, in 2021, 39 estuary grants were allocated, totaling approximately $1.6 million, with 77 percent of grants going to Environmental Justice communities; and


WHEREAS, the Hudson River Estuary Program was created in 1996 with a $6 million budget, which budget has only increased since then by $500,000; now, therefore be it


RESOLVED, as representatives of Ulster County, we urge Governor Hochul, Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, and Assembly Speaker Heastie to increase the funding of the Hudson River Estuary Program to $8.5M in the 2023 budget, and shall send copies of this resolution indicating such,


and move its adoption.






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Passed Committee: Energy, Environment and Sustainability on ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________.





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Updated: April 8, 2022