Resolution No. 109

Authorizing The Chair Of The Ulster County Legislature To Execute Intermunicipal Agreements With The Town Of Saugerties And The Village Of Ellenville To Provide The Services Of Domestic Violence Investigators To The Ulster County Family And Child Advocacy Center – Department Of Social Services

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Referred to: The Public Health and Social Services Committee (Chairman Lopez and Legislators Bruno, Criswell, Petit, and Uchitelle), and The Ways and Means Committee (Chairman Gavaris and Legislators Archer, Bartels, Haynes, Maio, Parete, Ronk, and Walter)


Chairman of the Public Health and Social Services Committee, Craig V. Lopez, and Deputy Chair Peter J. Criswell offer the following:


WHEREAS, this resolution has been submitted at the request of the County Executive on behalf of the Department of Social Services; and


WHEREAS, it is necessary for Ulster County to enter into certain intermunicipal agreements with municipalities to provide the services of investigators to the County’s Family and Child Advocacy Center, to investigate all reports of allegations of child sexual abuse, serious physical abuse including any child fatalities, domestic violence as well as child trafficking and exploitation cases; and


WHEREAS, the Commissioner of the Ulster County Department of Social Services requests that the Chair of the Ulster County Legislature be authorized to execute inter-municipal agreements with the Town of Saugerties and the Village of Ellenville to engage the activities of investigators assigned to the County’s Family and Child Advocacy Center; now, therefore be it


RESOLVED, that the Chair of the Ulster County Legislature is hereby authorized to execute intermunicipal agreements with Town of Saugerties and Village of Ellenville, and any related amendments, in the form as filed with the Clerk of the Ulster County Legislature or as modified with the approval of the County Attorney,


and move its adoption.





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Passed Committee: Public Health and Social Services on _______________.


Passed Committee: Ways and Means on ________________.





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Updated: April 5, 2021