Resolution No. 162

Authorizing The Chairman Of The Ulster County Legislature To Execute An Agreement With The New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation (DEC) To Accept Grant Funds, For The Ulster County Municipal Compost Expansion Project, And Amending The 2017 Ulster County Budget – Department Of The Environment

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Referred to: The Energy and Environment Committee (Chairman R. Parete and

Legislators Bartels, Heppner, Lapp, and Wawro), and The Ways and Means

Committee (Chairman Gerentine and Legislators Allen, Bartels, Belfiglio, Briggs,

Maio, and Maloney)

Chairman of the Energy and Environment Committee, Legislator Richard A. Parete,

and Deputy Chairman Tracey A. Bartels offer the following:

WHEREAS, this resolution has been submitted by the County Executive on

behalf of the Department of the Environment; and

WHEREAS, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

released a request for proposals to solicit projects for Climate Smart Communities

grant funding through the 2016 Regional Economic Development Council Awards;


WHEREAS, the Ulster County Department of the Environment, in

consultation with the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (hereinafter

“UCRRA”), responded to the request for proposals with a project to expand

municipal composting; and

WHEREAS, this project would provide for the expansion and improvement of

the compost facility at UCCRA including such items as the purchase and installation

of a bagging machine to increase the marketability of finished compost product,

purchase and distribution of compost bins for commercial customers, other

improvements increasing the capacity of the facility, identification and mapping of

food service operations and institutional generators within the UCCRA service area,

and establishing a pilot organics recovery program at a County facility; and

WHEREAS, Ulster County was awarded $261,000.00 in grant funding from

the NYS DEC with the match by Ulster County being comprised of previously

budgeted staff time of existing County & UCCRA personnel associated with the

grant scope of work and equipment purchased by the Ulster County Resource

Recovery Agency which requires execution of a State Assistance Agreement with

NYS DEC; and 


WHEREAS, Ulster County, with subsequent legislative approval, will enter

into a sub-recipient contract with UCCRA, detailing the a scope of work to be

performed to fulfill the grant agreement; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Chairman of the Ulster County Legislature is hereby

authorized to execute the agreement, and any amendments thereto, with the New

York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Contract DEC01-

C00385GG) for the purpose of accepting a grant in the amount of $261,000.00 from

the Climate Smart Communities Program; and, be it further

RESOLVED, following execution of the State Assistance Contract, the

Coordinator of the Department of the Environment is hereby authorized to submit all

necessary grant related documentation and otherwise act for the County regarding

this grant funding; and, be it further

RESOLVED, that the 2017 Ulster County Budget is hereby amended as



AA.8090.3552-3300-3910 State Aid – Conservation Programs $261,000.00

(Rev. #)

AA.8090.3552-4500-4505 Professional Services $237,000.00

(App. #)

AA.8090.3552-4600- 4660 Other Misc. Contractual $ 20,000.00

(App. #)


AA.8090.3552-4000- 4040 Program Supplies $ 4,000.00

(App. #)

and move its adoption. 



AYES: 22 NOES: 0

 (Absent: Legislator Briggs)

Passed Committee: Energy and Environment on April 10, 2017

Passed Committee: Ways and Means on April 11, 2017







I, the undersigned Clerk of the Legislature of the County of Ulster, hereby certify that the foregoing resolution is

the original resolution adopted by the Ulster County Legislature on the 18th Day of April in the year Two Thousand and

Seventeen, and said resolution shall remain on file in the office of said clerk.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal of the County of Ulster this 21st Day of April in

the year Two Thousand and Seventeen.

|s| Victoria A. Fabella

Victoria A. Fabella, Clerk

Ulster County Legislature

Submitted to the County Executive this Approved by the County Executive this

21st Day of April, 2017. 27th Day of April, 2017.

|s| Victoria A. Fabella |s| Michael P. Hein

Victoria A. Fabella, Clerk Michael P. Hein, County Executive

Ulster County Legislature 

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Updated: January 29, 2019