Resolution No. 389

Opposing The Proposal To Establish Several Additional Anchorage Grounds For Commercial Vessels In The Hudson River

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Referred to: The Energy and Environment Committee (Chairman Richard Parete and

Legislators Bartels, Heppner, Lapp and Wawro)

Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky and Legislators Bartels, Heppner and Wawro

offer the following:

WHEREAS, the Hudson River is vitally important to Ulster County and all of

New York because of its unique ecosystem, its notable history and its scenic beauty

that brings in thousands of tourists who recreate and shop at local businesses, farms,

and wineries; and

WHEREAS, the Hudson River holds the unique distinction of being one of the

few American Heritage Rivers established by Congress in 1996; and

WHEREAS, there are currently two official anchorage grounds in the Hudson

River located at Yonkers and Hyde Park; and

WHEREAS, in June 2016, the U.S. Coast Guard announced that it was

soliciting comments and concerns from the public in an Advanced Notice of Public

Rulemaking (ANPRM), Docket #USCG-2016-0132, on a proposal to establish a

large number of anchorage grounds for commercial vessels in the Hudson River – 43

berths in 10 locations from Yonkers to Kingston – at the request of shipping industry;


WHEREAS, several of these anchorages are proposed for Ulster County

locations which include, Kingston Flats South, Port Ewen, Big Rock Point, Milton,

and Marlboro; and

WHEREAS, the proposal poses many risks to the ecology of the river, as

research shows that the habitats of some fish have been affected by previous

anchorage sites; and

WHEREAS, an anchored boat containing volatile crude oil and petroleum

products could catch fire or spill toxic fuel in the river, which it has taken more than

40 years to clean up; and

WHEREAS, the water supplies of communities that use the Hudson River for

drinking water, including the Towns of Lloyd and Esopus, will be threatened; and 


WHEREAS, the proposal is inconsistent with the vision our communities

share for the future of the Hudson River, as the anchorage sites would take a toll on

the scenic beauty of our region, blocking the view from riverfront restaurants and

other businesses that support tourism and Ulster County’s economy; and

WHEREAS, the proposal could result in detrimental impacts on the

surrounding communities, as many of the proposed sites are located near homes and

businesses that are concerned about the impact of constant noise, light and smoke

from anchored boats; and

WHEREAS, having unmanned, unlit barges parked on the river creates the

potential for navigational, environmental and homeland security hazards that will be

damaging to the ecological health of the river and wildlife and the economic health of

our tourism and fishing industries; and

WHEREAS, the Ulster County Legislature highly values the aesthetic beauty

and commercial importance of the Hudson River; now, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Ulster County Legislature opposes the United States

Coast Guard’s Proposed Rule to establish new anchorages between Kingston and

Yonkers, and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Ulster County Legislature hereby requests that the

Coast Guard reconsider the current Proposal Rule before deciding on a future official

proposal; and, be it further

RESOLVED, that the Clerk of the Ulster County Legislature shall forward

copies of this resolution to Craig Lapiejko, Waterways Management Branch, Coast

Guard First District, U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, U.S.

Congressman Chris Gibson, and Governor Andrew Cuomo,

and moves its adoption.


AYES: 17 NOES: 0

(1 Abstention: Legislator Greene)

(Absent: Legislators Belfiglio, Briggs, Litts,

Loughran, and Maloney) 


Passed Committee: Energy and Environment as amended on September 12, 2016






I, the undersigned Clerk of the Legislature of the County of Ulster, hereby certify that the foregoing resolution is

the original resolution adopted by the Ulster County Legislature on the 20th Day of September in the year Two Thousand

and Sixteen, and said resolution shall remain on file in the office of said clerk.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal of the County of Ulster this 21st Day of

September in the year Two Thousand and Sixteen.

|s| Victoria A. Fabella

Victoria A. Fabella, Clerk

Ulster County Legislature 

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Updated: January 25, 2019