Resolution No. 127

Supporting The Passage Of A06090/S04280 To Authorize Ridesharing In The State Of New York

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Referred to: The Economic Development, Tourism, Housing, Planning and Transit

Committee (Chairman Maloney and Legislators Berky, Delaune, Lapp, Litts, Maio

and Rodriguez)

Legislator Jonathan R. Heppner and Legislator Greene offer the following:

WHEREAS, the Ulster County Legislature is dedicated to finding innovative

and cost effective ways to expand available services for residents and visitors of

Ulster County; and

WHEREAS, Ulster County covers a total area of 1,161 square miles; and

WHEREAS, increased transportation options can help connect Ulster County

residents to opportunities for employment, education, commerce, art, and culture; and

WHEREAS, ridesharing and other carpooling services will bring in additional

sales tax revenue that Ulster County could dedicate to upgrading our local

infrastructure and improving our local public transportation, especially for lowincome residents; and

WHEREAS, Ulster County strives to be a leader regarding environmental

initiatives and ridesharing conserves non-renewable energy resources and can help to

improve air quality; and

WHEREAS, ridesharing offers public safety benefits such as helping to lower

the instances of drunk or impaired driving; and

WHEREAS, ridesharing offers licensed drivers in good-standing the

opportunity to earn additional income on a flexible schedule; and

WHEREAS, ridesharing services and platforms are developing safe,

innovative, quality-controlled networks to connect drivers and riders; and

WHEREAS, Ulster County’s private and public transportation service are at

times limited and inconvenient; and

WHEREAS, a bill entitled, “AN ACT to amend the insurance law, the vehicle

and traffic law, the general municipal law and the transportation law, in relation to

transportation network companies” is currently before both houses of the New York

State Legislature: in the Assembly Bill No. 6090, and in the Senate, Bill No. 4280;

now, therefore, be it 


RESOLVED, the Ulster County Legislature, pursuant to Article IX of the

New York State Constitution, hereby requests the enactment of legislation by the

Legislature of the State of New York as contained in Assembly Bill No. 6090 and

Senate Bill No. 4280; and, be it further

RESOLVED, the Clerk of the County Legislature shall forward certified

copies of this resolution to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assembly and Senate Majority

and Minority Leaders, all Ulster County elected Assemblymen and Senators, and the

Assembly and Senate Transportation Committee Chairmen,

and moves its adoption.


AYES: 22 NOES: 0

(Legislator Lopez left at 7:19 PM)

Passed Committee: Economic Development, Tourism, Housing, Planning and

Transit on March 1, 2016






I, the undersigned Clerk of the Legislature of the County of Ulster, hereby certify that the foregoing resolution is

the original resolution adopted by the Ulster County Legislature on the 15th Day of March in the year Two Thousand and

Sixteen, and said resolution shall remain on file in the office of said clerk.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal of the County of Ulster this 17th Day of March

in the year Two Thousand and Sixteen.

|s| Victoria A. Fabella

Victoria A. Fabella, Clerk

Ulster County Legislature 

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Updated: October 27, 2020