Resolution No. 178

Rescinding Resolution No. 425 Of 2021 - Ulster County Policy Requiring Crisis Respite Houses In Ulster County - Department Of Mental Health

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Referred to: The American Rescue Plan Act Special Committee (Chairman Corcoran and Legislators Clinton, Levine, Lopez, and Sperry), The Health, Human Services and Housing Committee (Chairman Uchitelle and Legislators Collins, Corcoran, Harmon, Kitchen, Lopez, and McCollough), and the Ways and Means Committee (Chairman Gavaris and Legislators Collins, Hansut, Kovacs, Nolan, and Roberts)


Chairman of the ARPA Special Committee, Thomas Corcoran, Jr., and Deputy Chair Megan Sperry offer the following:


WHEREAS, this resolution has been submitted at the request of the County Executive on behalf of the Ulster County Department of Mental Health; and


WHEREAS, the Ulster County Criminal Justice Reform Task Force – (UC-CJRTF) acknowledged the importance of a robust support system for individuals transitioning out of hospitals, crisis stabilization centers, or other mental health/substance use facilities, or ideally, preventing emergencies that necessitate the use of these facilities altogether; and


WHEREAS, at present, our focus on crisis respite housing should be reconsidered in light of existing conditions, including underutilization of the respite house in Orange County that serves Ulster County residents, indicating that resources can be more effectively deployed to better serve our community's urgent mental health needs before allocating resources to additional crisis respite services; and


WHEREAS, Ulster County has recognized through the establishment of a crisis stabilization center that it is imperative to optimize resource allocation for maximum community benefit, and by prioritizing alternative community programs aligned with more urgent needs, Ulster County will ensure a more comprehensive and effective response to community challenges; and


WHEREAS, the operation parameters to establish and implement Respite Houses in Ulster County have significant barriers, including a lack of housing inventory in certain locations, concerns about program financial sustainability without ongoing County financial contributions, and other logistical challenges that hinder the immediate establishment of such facilities; and


WHEREAS, the federal time frame for dispersing ARPA funds presents additional challenges to dedicating these resources for the purpose of establishing respite houses; and



WHEREAS, in light of urgent needs within the community, financial considerations, operational constraints and ARPA deadlines, it is imperative for Ulster County to reallocate resources from the current policy to establish respite houses and invest in alternative priorities that will serve immediate mental health care needs in our communities; and


WHEREAS, pursuant to Resolution No. 333 dated August 17, 2021, $5,000,000.00 in ARPA funding was allocated towards mental health and addiction recovery; and


WHEREAS, Resolution No. 28 dated February 15, 2022, dedicated funding for crisis respite houses in the amount of $1,500,000.00, and said funds can now be reallocated to other purposes; now, therefore be it


RESOLVED, Resolution No. 425 of 2021 is hereby rescinded, dissolving the policy to have crisis respite houses in Ulster County; and, be it further


RESOLVED, that ARPA funding in the amount of $1,500,000.00 shall be redirected to high-priority alternative community support initiatives capable of meeting the pressing needs of community members,      


and moves its adoption.




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Passed Committee: American Rescue Plan Act on ________________.


Passed Committee: Health, Human Services and Housing on ________________.


Passed Committee: Ways and Means on ________________.





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Updated: May 2, 2024

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