Resolution No. 371

Authorizing The Commissioner Of Finance To Accept Bids For Parcels Of County-Owned Real Property For Private Sale And Authorizing The Chair Of The Ulster County Legislature To Convey Such Parcels – Department Of Finance

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Referred to:  The Ways and Means Committee (Chairwoman Archer and Legislators Gerentine, Maio, Maloney, Petit, Rodriguez, and Ronk)


Chairwoman of the Ways and Means Committee, Lynn Archer, and Deputy Chair Richard A. Gerentine offer the following:


WHEREAS, this resolution has been submitted by the County Executive on behalf of the Department of Finance; and


            WHEREAS, the Commissioner of Finance has requested permission to accept bids for parcels of county-owned real property as hereinafter described, which were acquired by the County by reason of non-payment of taxes, and have previously been offered at a public auction; and


WHEREAS, parcel #15 of the 2019 Public Auction, listed as 60.80 acres, described as vacant, 37 Amanda Circle, in the Town of Lloyd, section block and lot number 79.2-1-9.355, has unpaid taxes in the amount of $33,874.00 dating back to the year 2016; and


WHEREAS, the prospective purchaser of parcel #16 has bid $33,874.00 for the property which is the taxes due; and


WHEREAS, parcel #68 of the 2019 Public Auction, listed as .45 of an acre, described as vacant, 35 Overland Dr., in the Town of Plattekill, section block and lot number 101.20-2-12, has unpaid taxes in the amount of $11,355.00 dating back to the year 2012; and


WHEREAS, the prospective purchaser of parcel #68 has bid $1,000.00 for the property, which is the upset price due as determined by the Ulster County Real Property Tax Service Agency; and


            WHEREAS, the prospective purchasers of each of the aforementioned properties shall be responsible for the 2018-19 school tax and all subsequent tax levies; and 


WHEREAS, these conveyances constitute Type II actions under section 4.1.5 of the County of Ulster’s State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) Type II List that was adopted in Resolution No. 118 on April 20, 2010; and





WHEREAS, as per section 3 of the County’s Type II List, these actions do not pose a significant potential environmental impact and may be progressed as Type II actions in accordance with 6 NYCRR Part 617 of SEQRA; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED, that the Ulster County Commissioner of Finance is authorized to accept payment as follows:


PREVIOUS OWNER/TOWN                  BIDDER                               BID AMOUNT


Highland Views LLC/Lloyd                       Kai Zee, LLC                            $33,874.00

SBL#: 79.2-1-9.355                                     400 Chambers St. Apt 15B

Parcel # 15                                                    New York, NY  10282

Unpaid Taxes: $33,874.00


Febres Pedro & Angelino/Plattekill          Lopez, Miguel A.                      $1,000.00 

SBL#: 101.20-2-12                                     PO Box 18

Parcel # 68                                                    Plattekill, NY  12568

Unpaid Taxes: $11,355.00                         


and, be it further,


RESOLVED, that the Chair of the Ulster County Legislature is authorized and directed to make, execute and deliver to each bidder making payment, a quitclaim deed conveying the interest of the County in the related parcel, which quitclaim deed shall contain the covenant that the said County of Ulster shall in no event be or become liable for any defects in title conveyed for any cause whatsoever, and that no claim or demand of any nature shall ever be made against the County of Ulster arising from such sale, conveyance or the proceedings leading thereto,


and move its adoption.



AYES:                        NOES:     


Passed Committee: Ways and Means on ______________.



TOTAL UNPAID TAXES: $45,229.00  

TOTAL ACCEPTED BID: $34,874.00               

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Updated: September 13, 2019