Resolution No. 168.1

Authorizing A One-Time Reimbursement To Ulster County 2021 Real Property Taxpayers

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Resolution No. 168
Postponed in Committee



Referred to:  The Ways and Means Committee (Chairman Gavaris and Legislators Cahill, Fabiano, Ronk, and Walter)


Legislators Joe Maloney and Laura Petit offer the following:


WHEREAS, pursuant to Charter §C-11(A), the Ulster County Legislature is empowered to make appropriations, levy taxes, incur indebtedness; and


WHEREAS, pursuant to Charter §C-11(N), the Ulster County Legislature is empowered to adopt a budget and to determine and fix real property tax equalization rates among the various districts of the County for County purposes; and


WHEREAS, actual sales and use tax revenues exceeded the 2021 Adopted Ulster County Budget by $34,312,169.00 for the year ended December 31, 2021; and


WHEREAS, a surplus is anticipated upon closing of the 2021 financials, and a surplus was achieved in 2020, which resulted in an unassigned fund balance of over $39 million; and


WHEREAS, the accumulation of said surpluses is anticipated to exceed the County’s adopted Fund Balance Policy; and


WHEREAS, the adopted policy requires an unassigned fund balance above the allowable threshold to be remedied within the succeeding year if it is possible and prudent to do so; and


WHEREAS, Ulster County had decreased the real property tax levy by a minimum of 0.25% annually beginning in 2015, and no decrease was provided in 2021; now, therefore be it


RESOLVED, that a total of $34,312,169.00 will be reimbursed to Ulster County property taxpayers, in a proportionate share based upon the amount of county property tax paid on each parcel of property for the 2021 tax year, less penalties and fees; and, be it further


RESOLVED, that the Commissioner of Finance be and hereby is authorized to calculate, determine and remit payment/credit to said property taxpayers the proportionate share due pursuant to the formula set forth herein; and, be it further







RESOLVED, the 2022 Ulster County Budget is hereby amended as follows:


INCREASE                                       AMOUNT


AA.9900.9900.3700.9990              Appropriated Fund Balance           $34,312,169.00

(App. #)


INCREASE                                       AMOUNT


AA.1310.1076.4600.4660              Misc. Contractual, Other                $34,312,169.00

(App. #),



and move its adoption.





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Passed Committee: Ways and Means on _____________.






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Updated: May 26, 2022

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