About The 2021 Commission


“Drawing the Lines”

Welcome to the Ulster County NY Commission on Reapportionment 

America is a representative democracy. Reapportionment is the reassigning of representation based on population shifts according to the U.S. Census. Redistricting is drawing the lines of the district based on Census data. The numbers of representatives may remain the same, but drawing the lines of the districts must follow rules, like equality of numbers per district and contiguity of boundaries (sharing an edge).  Here, in Ulster County, the Commission on Reapportionment is responsible for re-districting.

Every ten years, in years ending in a “0”, the U.S Census counts all of the people living in our country. The Constitution of the U.S. directs that an enumeration takes place as a means of determining population shifts since the last census. The 2020 Census has been completed. The Reapportionment Commission will be seeking input first and foremost from the people of Ulster County on how to best to follow the rules and complete our task in the most reasonable way possible.


Commission on Reapportionment Bylaws

Commission on Reapportionment Map Approved July, 13, 2022