Resolution No. 430

Establishing A Traffic Demand Policy

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Referred to:  The Economic Development, Planning, Education, Employment, Arts and Agriculture Committee (Chairman Cahill and Legislators Corcoran, Criswell, Hewitt, Litts, Maloney and Sperry), and The Public Works, Capital Projects and Transportation Committee (Chairwoman Petit and Legislators Erner, Fabiano, Litts, and Nolan)


Legislator Phil Erner offers the following: 


WHEREAS, the COVID pandemic has caused financial hardship and brought more non-motoring residents to the County; and


WHEREAS, the Ulster County Legislature has taken actions to create and support an equitable public transportation system including covering fares for all riders and increasing driver & dispatcher pay grades; and


WHEREAS, seven-and-a-half percent of Ulster County households have no car; including 17.4% in Kingston city, 15.7% in New Paltz Village, 18.1% in Ellenville, and 13.3% in the village of Saugerties; and


WHEREAS, forty percent of Ulster County residents are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE), above poverty but unable to afford basic living expenses; and


WHEREAS, climate change poses a real and increasing threat to our local and global environments exacerbated by the ongoing burning of fossil fuels, in New York State disproportionately by individual use of internal-combustion-engine vehicles that could be reduced by using public transit; and


WHEREAS, reducing use of personal vehicles could lessen wear and tear on the County’s aging infrastructure; and


WHEREAS the mission of the Ulster County Planning Board is to promote, encourage and support solutions among levels of government, agencies and other stakeholders in matters affecting conservation, preservation, and development; and


WHEREAS, most employers and workers, businesses and patrons, residents and visitors would benefit from increased mass-transit options; and


WHEREAS, planning is needed in order to accomplish this; now, therefore be it






RESOLVED, that the Planning Board, for any proposal having or intended for public access, shall solicit and evaluate how individuals can arrive at such places by way of public transportation or otherwise without a personal car; and, be it further


RESOLVED, that the Planning Board shall reject any proposal that fails to ensure such car-free access, 


and move its adoption.





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Passed Committee: Economic Development, Planning, Education, Employment, Arts and Agriculture on ____________.


Passed Committee: Public Works, Capital Projects and Transportation on ____________.






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Updated: September 20, 2023

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