Ulster County Legislature Seeking Appointments to the Transit Riders and Intermodal Advisory Committee

Posted November 17, 2023

For Immediate Release: November 17, 2023

Ulster County Legislature Seeking Appointments to the Transit Riders and Intermodal Advisory Committee

(Kingston, NY) – The Ulster County Legislature is seeking to fill seats for public members to the newly established Transit Riders and Intermodal Advisory Committee, a 13-member board created by Resolution No. 426 of 2023 tasked with making recommendations on improvements to the public transportation system to the Ulster County Legislature and the Ulster County Area Transit (UCAT).

Presently, there are seven seats available to regular public transit riders and four seats for members of community or philanthropic organizations who advocate for people in need of public transit. The structure of appointments is based on the Frontier Transportation Authority, who similarly appoints as commissioners public members based on their transportation usage and service to the community.

“In drafting this Legislation, we sought to make clear that the voices of everyday riders need to be heard regarding changes to routes, updates to signage and stops and other improvements coming from the public. I thank my colleagues for recognizing the necessity of this Advisory Committee and the seat at the table required for those who do not have personal vehicles,” said Legislator Phil Erner (District 6 – City of Kingston), the author of the Resolution.

“This Resolution was the product of a number of meetings held across Ulster County seeking input from residents and riders about our existing public transportation system and what improvements can be made to ensure that those who do not have personal vehicles are able to shop, get to medical appointments, attend public meetings and commute to work. I look forward to seeing this commission’s seats filled so progress is made on improving our public transportation system,” said Legislator Laura Petit (District 8 – Town of Esopus), Chair of the Public Works, Capital Projects & Transportation Committee and co-author of the Resolution.

Those interested in applying for a Committee seat can apply online here. Applications are strongly encouraged to be submitted by November 30, 2023. The text of the authorizing Resolution can be found here