ULSTER COUNTY LEGISLATIVE NEWS: Ulster County Legislative Chairman John Parete Announces Vice Chairman and Standing Committee Appointments For 2014

Posted January 13, 2014

(Kingston, NY) On Tuesday, January 7, 2014, the Ulster County Legislature adopted Resolution No. 3, “Creating Standing Committees for the Year 2014.” In making the Legislative appointments for 2014, Chairman John Parete solicited the desires of the individual members, the recommendations of Majority Leader Donald J. Gregorius and Minority Leader Kenneth J. Ronk, Jr., as well as the consultation of his newly appointed Vice Chairman, David B. Donaldson.

The Chairman stated, “The appointment process was not a simple act of plugging in names. We truly sought to ensure the right people in the right places. The vast expertise available from twenty-three individual Legislators is outstanding and I commend each and every one of them for stepping up and committing to the detailed discussions, oversight and policy development activity that begins at the committee level. I relied heavily on Vice Chairman Donaldson’s expertise as a former Chairman of the Ulster County Legislature, under both the old and new form of government.”

Chairman Parete announced the following Standing Committee appointments:

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, TOURISM, HOUSING, PLANNING & TRANSIT To set legislative policy for all aspects of Economic Development, Tourism, and Planning. Responsible for issues pertaining to: Ulster County Industrial Development Agency, Ulster County Development Corporation, Employment and Training, and Public Transportation, Technology and the Department of Information Services. To foster relations with the County and local Chambers of Commerce.

Thomas J. (TJ) Briggs, Chairman; James F. Maloney, Deputy Chairman; Chris Allen; Lynn Archer; Herbert Litts, III; Mary Beth Maio and Hector S. Rodriguez


 ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT To set policy pertaining to the Department of the Environment, Environmental Management Council, Fish and Wildlife Management Board, Forest Practice Board, and Soil and Water Conservation District, including the protection of water ways and the County’s recycling efforts. To set policy and review contracts pertaining to but not limited to the activities of the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency.

Tracey A. Bartels, Chairman; Kenneth J. Ronk, Jr., Deputy Chairman; Manna Jo Greene; Richard Parete and Mary Wawro


LAW ENFORCEMENT AND PUBLIC SAFETY To set policy and review contracts pertaining to the following County Departments: Ulster County Sheriff and the Law Enforcement Center, Probation, Emergency Communications/Emergency Management, Arson Task Force, Traffic Safety, Fire Coordinator, District Attorney, and Public Defender.

Peter M. Loughran, Chairman; Mary Beth Maio, Deputy Chairman; Thomas J. (TJ) Briggs; Donald J. Gregorius and Kenneth J. Ronk, Jr.


LAWS AND RULES, GOVERNMENTAL SERVICES To set policy and review contracts pertaining to the following County Departments: Board of Elections, Consumer Fraud Bureau, Weights and Measures, Human Rights, Insurance and Safety. To oversee Legislative policy and revisions the Legislature wants to see implemented in the Ulster County Charter and the Administrative Code. To review and maintain the Rules of the Legislature and to review and approve all local laws. To approve all late resolutions, considering lateness and content prior to submittal to the full Legislature. To approve resolutions required to be referred to it under the Rules of the Legislature.

Richard A. Parete, Chairman; Kevin A. Roberts, Deputy Chairman; Lynn Archer; David B. Donaldson and Kenneth J. Ronk, Jr.


LEGISLATIVE PROGRAMS, EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY SERVICES To set policy and review contracts pertaining and related to the following: Arts, Ulster County Community College, Historian, Libraries, Cornell Cooperative Extension, STOP DWI, Community Action, Office for the Aging, Youth Bureau, and Veterans Affairs.

David B. Donaldson, Chairman; Mary Wawro, Deputy Chairman; Lynn Archer; Manna Jo Greene and Craig V. Lopez


PUBLIC HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES To set policy for and review contracts pertaining to the following County Departments: Health, Mental Health, and Social Services.

Jeanette Provenzano, Chairman; Craig V. Lopez, Deputy Chairman; Chris Allen; Carl Belfiglio and Kenneth Wishnick


PUBLIC WORKS AND CAPITAL PROJECTS To set policy for and review contracts pertaining to the following County Departments: Public Works (including Parks, Highways, and Buildings and Grounds), Transportation and Capital Projects.

Dean Fabiano, Chairman; Donald J. Gregorius, Deputy Chairman; Peter M. Loughran; Kevin A. Roberts and Kenneth Wishnick


WAYS AND MEANS To recommend the Legislature’s position on all budgetary and financial matters of the County. To review contracts pertaining to the following departments: County Clerk, Finance, Comptroller, Personnel, Purchasing, and Real Property Tax Services. To approve all resolutions with financial impacts to the County.

Richard A. Gerentine, Chairman; Hector S. Rodriguez, Deputy Chairman; Tracey A. Bartels; Carl Belfiglio; Thomas J. (TJ) Briggs; Mary Beth Maio; James F. Maloney and Richard A. Parete


Chairman Parete also announced the regular monthly session of the Ulster County Legislature will occur Thursday, January 30, 2014 beginning at 7:00 PM in the Legislative Chambers located on the 6th Floor of the Ulster County Office Building. If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact the Legislative office at: (845) 340-3900. -- 30 --