Chairman Donaldson Steps In to End Stalemate and Save Tax Dollars

Posted July 1, 2021


Kingston, NY – In an effort to resolve the impasse which has resulted in litigation between Ulster County Comptroller March Gallagher and the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (UCRRA), Legislative Chairman David Donaldson delivered data and records to the Comptroller’s office which had been recently produced by the UCRRA at his request. 

Chairman Donaldson pointed out that the Legislature has been addressing these issues with due diligence and that the issues may have been resolved if the Comptroller’s office and UCRRA had communicated more effectively.  He hopes the information produced by the UCRRA at his request will eliminate the need for additional subpoenas and court proceedings which often waste time and taxpayer’s money.

Donaldson said he requested and received the information from the RRA through the usual channels when issues and complaints were first raised as part of the legislature’s ongoing oversight.  Donaldson was pleased that upon the legislative staff’s initial review it appears that the UCRRA is taking practical steps to address and correct these issues through policy changes and new oversight. 

“The legislature has a long-standing well-established relationship with the UCRRA.  We appoint their board members, we worked together to develop the Solid Waste Plan, and we follow their operation and progress closely through the legislative committee system to ensure that we protect the environment and use financial resources wisely,” said Donaldson.

Donaldson hopes the information he provided will resolve the Comptroller’s concerns so the UCRRA can concentrate on implementing the 10-year Solid Waste Plan recently approved by the Legislature.