Resolution No. 425

Establishing A Policy To Liberalize Access To Public Spaces For Survival

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Referred to:  The Health, Human Services and Housing Committee (Chairman Uchitelle and Legislators Corcoran, Erner, Lopez, Nolan, Petit, and Stewart), and The Public Works, Capital Projects and Transportation Committee (Chairwoman Petit and Legislators Erner, Fabiano, Litts, and Nolan)


Legislator Phil Erner offers the following:


WHEREAS, the Ulster County Legislature finds that housing is a natural right; and


WHEREAS, the Department of Social Services (DSS) has certain responsibilities to the people of Ulster County to provide temporary assistance (TA) in the form of temporary and emergency housing; and


WHEREAS, at present the people of Ulster County have an especially acute need for TA housing; and


WHEREAS, DSS is struggling to identify sufficient space to fulfill that need; and


WHEREAS, Ulster County possesses property throughout the County; and


WHEREAS, the Legislature believes that publicly owned property belongs to the people; and


WHEREAS, the people have the right to survive by any means necessary that does not jeopardize others’ ability to do so; and


WHEREAS, County administration has undertaken a Study of County-owned space; now, therefore be it


RESOLVED, that Ulster County shall guarantee the people’s right to housing by using the results of the Study to determine and open for public access County property suitable for the unhoused people of Ulster County to use as temporary homes or shelters,


and move its adoption.










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Passed Committee: Health, Human Services and Housing on ____________.


Passed Committee: Public Works, Capital Projects and Transportation on ____________.





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Updated: February 29, 2024

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